TMI Liquidity Funds Maintain Top S&P Rating

  • Date: 09/11/2015
TMI Liquidity Funds Maintain Top S&P Rating

Thomas Miller Investment (Isle of Man) Limited, a member of the 130 year old Thomas Miller Group of companies, announce that the TMI Sterling Liquidity Sub-Fund and the TMI US Dollar Liquidity Sub-Fund have both maintained their Standard & Poor’s (S&P) ‘AAAf’ fund credit quality rating and ‘S1+’ fund volatility rating following the annual review of the funds by S&P.

The funds "AAAf" rating signifies the strong protection that the fund's portfolio holdings provide against losses from credit defaults, and is the highest possible credit rating assigned by S&P. The funds "S1+" volatility rating recognises that the fund demonstrates low sensitivity to changing market conditions, and it is the highest possible volatility rating that S&P can assign which is confirmation of the low volatility of the fund.

Rob Brockbanks, Fund Manager, Thomas Miller Investment says:

“The fact that these funds have maintained top ratings and first quartile performance against a continued testing backdrop for cash and liquidity investments is testament to the continued work of strong investment research and a credit committee process that provides clients with a diversified and risk adjusted return profile on their investments.”

Carolyn Gelling, Director & Head of Collective Investment Funds at Thomas Miller Investment added:

“With a low interest rate backdrop expected to remain in both the UK and United States for the foreseeable future, investors are continuing to seek alternative homes for their cash deposits where the potential of a return, coupled with accessibility to funds and quality of counterparty exposure are key considerations.  The TMI Liquidity Fund has continued to deliver on these requirements for its investors and remains a key component of our collective investment fund range.”

Thomas Miller Investment manages £2.8bn for private clients, insurance mutuals, charities, pension schemes and governments.