As active managers we generate real returns through a fundamental understanding of investments, enabling us to maintain a long term perspective through market cycles. Our disciplined and consistent investment process combines economic assessment, asset allocation expertise and fundamental asset class research. Our track record demonstrates that we provide our clients with both capital preservation and excellent returns over the longer term.

The long-term sustainability of our investment management services rests on our secure and established foundations.

The four principles of investment management

  • 1st Principle
    Meeting the client’s objectives is our absolute focus
  • 2ndPrinciple
    We make financial markets work for you – the long term asset allocation strategy is key
  • 3rdPrinciple
    Financial markets frequently get it wrong in the short term. A skilled investment manager can exploit those opportunities
  • 4thPrinciple
    Clear and regular communication with our clients is essential

A focused team

Thomas Miller Investment has a strong team of investment specialists, including economists, asset class specialists and collective fund experts. Our portfolio managers are active within our investment strategy. The strength of our proposition lies in the cumulative strength of the investment team.

Investment process

Our investment process is focused, disciplined and dependable.

If you would like to discuss your investment options, please contact our investment team today.