Thomas Miller Investment is a specialist in discretionary investment management for private clients and works with a wide range of professional advisers to deliver a personalised service.

Part of the Thomas Miller Group, which was established in 1885, Thomas Miller Investment has a rich heritage of prudent investment management spanning decades.

Thomas Miller Investment has established a flexible and agile service for advisers. We believe working collaboratively with professional advisers enhances results, and we work hard to compliment the adviser’s processes. This includes contributing due diligence and performance data to leading research agencies, being accessible on a wide range of tax wrappers and investment platforms and making administration easy.

A broad choice of solutions

We offer a choice of solutions:

  • Tailored investment management
  • Model portfolios
  • Collective Investment Funds
  • Onshore and offshore custody

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

We believe in the importance of due diligence, but understand how time consuming it can be. We believe in total transparency, whether it’s a simple question, or a detailed due diligence process we will ensure you have all the information you need.

  • Working with independent DFM research experts
  • Total transparency

Risk Mapping

Suitability and risk

We understand the need to talk the same language as you and your clients, and we are aware of the risks of assumption and jargon.

You may use terms like cautious, balanced or growth, work with a numerical scale of 1-10, or you might use a risk profile tool. We will work with you, the way you choose to assess risk, mapping our strategies to your requirements, ensuring suitability for your clients.

  • Understand your advice process
  • Talk about risk in your language

Access across tax wrapper and platforms

Access across tax wrapper and platforms

We can invest as directed, whether within a pension, bond, trust, or on a platform.

  • Widely available across pensions and bond providers
  • Models available on platforms

Administration, reporting and service

Administration, reporting and service

Our administration is comprehensive in its details, but easy in use. Our focus in to ensure that we communicate clearly, regularly and in line with your preferences.

  • Regular communication with advisers and clients
  • Review investment objectives, suitability and attitude to risk

If you would like to discuss your investment management requirements, please contact our Professional Adviser investment team today.