Investing your money is not always just about the financial returns. Your ethical, moral, religious or social beliefs can influence their choice of investment (see key features document attached below). At Thomas Miller Investment we firmly believe that your beliefs should be taken into account when considering your investments.
Ethical investment can offer you a way of investing which does not compromise an investor’s principles. You have a variety of approaches to the way you can invest in an ethical manner, depending on your preferences. The most common are Negative screening, Positive screening and Shareholder Influence.

Negative screening allows you to avoid investments in companies that do not meet certain ethical standards. This type of screening might exclude investments in companies involved with animal testing, arms manufacturing, alcohol or tobacco.

Positive screening seeks to invest in companies that have a commitment to responsible business practices, products or services. For example companies whose products are environmentally friendly or that actively support community welfare.

The third option is Shareholder influence, which uses shareholder pressure to seek to improve a company’s ethical, social or environmental behavior.

Whatever your views or beliefs we are committed to helping you achieve your lifetime goals by providing unbiased advice and investment expertise.

Discretionary Key Features - Ethical