Protect your investments with the Thomas Miller Investment professionals. It is vital to protect the value of your assets against the damaging effects of inflation and to deliver investment returns that meet your long term financial objectives.

Having access to a dedicated team of investment professionals means that investments can be made across a wide range of asset classes, including equities, bonds, property, commodities and alternative investments. Deciding if and how much to invest in each asset class โ€“ the process of asset allocation - is a key driver of long term investment returns. To help you decide we assess the global economic and financial market trends without bias to a particular asset class because we believe flexibility is key.

Your choice of investment may be influenced by your lifestyle, ethical, moral or social beliefs and your approach to risk. We take all of this into consideration.

Before recommending an investment to you, the team completes a rigorous assessment of a select group of investment managers that invest across the globe. To help keep down your cost of investing we use trackers (funds that track the market), where appropriate.

There is total transparency around our charging structure - we agree a set fee with you based on the size of your portfolio. We do not benefit from any commissions (any received will be rebated to you).

If you are looking to protect your investments for your future then talk to us today