Grace comes Fourth at her first European Championships in Budapest

  • Date: 15/08/2010

Grace had a truly fantastic first European Championships.  She was diving in her favourite event of 3m and right from the start showed her composure and fine diving form in her debut international senior event.
"I am still shaking after last night. It was really good but I am exhausted. Finishing 4th has made all of the hard work and travel worth it! Sometimes, when you are finding it tough and wishing that you could just be at home or seeing friends but this result has made it clear why it is worth it.

Before the final I was excited and nervous. A mixture of lots of feelings I guess. But I put it aside and pulled it together and focused. I tried to treat it like any other competition and so I went through my normal competition preparation and it went well.”
Grace exceeded all expectations and came 4th. This will have given her a huge boost prior to the Junior World Championships next month.
"I have two days off before travelling to the Junior Worlds in Tucson, (Arizona) USA. I am really excited about that event too. I am going to go along the same routine as here and hopefully it will work again but I really feel ready for the competition now with this result behind me."