Amazing Grace... Silver and Bronze at the Junior Europeans in Helsinki

  • Date: 11/07/2010

Grace had a superb few days competing in the Junior Europeans in Helsinki. She competed in the 1m and the 3m synchro. Her selection was based on results at the Junior Elites - unfortunately Grace did not perform at her peak in the 3m so wasn't selected for this event.

However, that didn't stop her! She took to the board for the 1m and had a superb set of dives taking her through to the final where she retained her fine form and was on the podium collecting her Silver medal.

It was an exhausting day - with the 1m out of the way she was back again for the 3m synchro with her fellow Leeds diver, Hannah Stirling. They put in a fantastic performance and ensured another medal for the GB team with a Bronze.

This is a solid indication that Grace is on the right track with her training and competing at the highest level in Europe. With these results, Grace has secured her place in the GB team for the Junior World Championships in Arizona at the start of September.